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Hello world!

Welcome to The Saralsewa™ Store.

Convenience is the crux of all activities that we undertake. While we may be busy, our activities cannot stop or wait. It is high time we started thinking progressively as per the needs that you have.

So based on the time constraints that we face, we all have gradually shifted a lot of our shopping needs to the E-commerce markets. Appliances, electronics, gadgets, furniture, medicines, food and what not … we simply order and await the assured delivery at the comfort of our homes. At the same time, we get various offers and get benefitted. Dosn’t it feel great to get a taxi at home, market, station or airport just when you need it!

But when it comes to availing a Government service, making a Government service related payment, to get information related to a Government scheme or other non-governmental service, why do we still stand in queues at offices or waste our time? Why do we engage with middlemen and pay extra money when the services are openly available? All that you need is assistance in the applications, not the middlemen.

Saralsewa™ makes this unique facility available to you at your doorsteps. And that too just at a nominal visiting charge. No more queues, no more waste of time and money! All that you need to do is to download the Saralsewa app from Google Play store or visit www.saralsewa.co.in , search or select the service that you may need (some of which are mentioned alongside) and pace an order.

Our Service Delivery Facilitator, the Saral E-mitra will call and confirm and visit your home / office and offer the service within 3 hrs flat. You may also like to choose a date and time of his visit for your convenience.

So next time you want to apply for certificates or licenses, PAN or Passport, or pay bills and taxes, or request withdrawal of pension, Jeevan Praman,  want medicines delivered or just anything, just try the Saralsewa™ app. We can guarantee that you will feel excited!

Thanking you

The Saralsewa Team


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