Terms of Service

RIAOM Services Pvt Ltd, Ranchi is a service aggregator which facilitates simple, convenient but disruptive ways of service deliveries using available technology and platforms. Saralsewa™ and SaralPe™ are its registered trademarks. Saralsewa™ offers online services and physical services and products at the doorsteps using its E-Commerce platform made freely available to the public / customers on web based and Android App based platforms. Customers also have the facility to place orders through Phone Calls and Whatsapp.

As per his requirements, a user hereby agreed and understands the following terms of services of this Doorstep delivery facility:-

  1. That by using and placing an order, the customer agrees to all the terms without any exception.
  2. The customer understands that all the listed terms are applicable only for orders placed through www.saralsewa.co.in , through the Saralsewa™ Store app or through the official channels. Saralsewa will not be responsible for any service availed through direct contact with Facilitators without engaging with the approved modes.
  3. Saralsewa™ Store is just a e-commerce tool for placing orders and does not independently offer services to customers directly.
  4. Saralsewa™ Store engages trained Service delivery persons, our Saral E-mitra, equipped with service delivery tools for physical visits to the customers’ premises, as per order details, and authorize them to execute the order.
  5. Please check the ID card of any Saral E-mitra visiting your premises in case of doubts. The Saralsewa™ Store will not be responsible for any person impersonating as a Saral E-mitra. Customers are advised to call 9608117118 for verification.
  6. The customer is expected to make necessary documents and details available to the Service delivery person for on the spot service delivery.
  7. Saralsewa™ Store does not violate personal data regulations and does not share any details or documents of the customer with any external party.
  8. The Service Delivery persons are not authorized to take or carry away any of the required documents either in physical or digital format, unless mandated by the Service delivery process or authorized individually by Saralsewa™ Store.
  9. Saralsewa™ Store uses all available open platforms of citizen service access to make the service available to the customer as per his order.
  10. Saralsewa™ uses proper authorization based applications and portals, for secure services, to make services available to the ordering customer.
  11. A citizen can seek usage training in case of open platform services and may request creation of his own access to the portals provided he agrees to take all precautions and responsibilities in keeping his own access credentials secure.
  12. Saralsewa™ Store does not and can not be held responsible for any breach of service portal access credentials of the customer, once his credentials are handed over to him, or as soon as his service request is marked as CLOSED / Completed.
  13. Customers are required to pay only visiting charges. Once an order is placed by a customer, it is understood that he will make payment of the visiting charges as per order details sent to him on phone / e-mail, unless already paid online.
  14. The visiting charge is charged for the service offered by the Saralsewa™ Store; it does not include the actual service charges (eg- PAN application charge, Passport Fees, DL fees, Taxes, Electricity bill etc) or the cost of the service / product (eg- train / bus / air ticket charge, recharge amount, cost of any product etc) availed.
  15. Payments are preferred in digital modes unless under compulsion of unavailability of network, knowledge or otherwise.
  16. Specific service charges applicable on individual services as charged by the Government or Service Provider is always chargeable directly from the Customer. The customer may make the payment directly through the mandated modes.
  17. Saralsewa™ charges only applicable visiting charges. Service delivery personnel are authorized to collect only the Visiting charges, unless already paid by the customer online.
  18. Customers are advised not to share any Bank / Credit – Debit Card related OTP or credentials with anyone, including the Saral E-mitras visiting him.
  19. The customer understands that he is not, by any means, compelled to use this tool for availing services and that he can do it as per his voluntary will.
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